tool-in-a-toolish-hat.jpgThis is the last day to vote on the Labtest Contest and win this awesome hat! Competition is fierce, but it’s nothing compared to how fierce you’ll look in this hat, which complements all seasons and sexes.

 If you’re like me this holiday season, then you’ve probably slacked on buying presents. Well, fortunately other folks are thinking of good things to buy if you’re in a buyin’ mood. The little elves who tap away at the Poz office keyboards when staffers have long since left the office for the day have compiled a holiday list of goodies that benefit good people... check it out!  Also, my pal, Robert Breining, also made a list of must-have stocking stuffers for the positoids in your life.

Neither list, of course, has this sweet sweet hat!  Don’t forget to refresh on the rules (it’s easy, one guess between 400-700 t-cells, posted on my Poz blog Comments section), and good luck!

Positively Yours,



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