Connecticut has determined that gay marriage is legal, squarely kicking Proposition H8 in the ol’ wedding favors.

The other night I was watching Countdown With Keith Olbermann. On November 10, his Special Comment, the rant that ends his show as masterfully lampooned by Ben Affleck on Saturday Night Live, was about Proposition 8. I couldn’t write it better than he says it here.

The odds of me living a full life are great. It was the gay community that fought to have the AIDS issue brought into the light in the 1980’s, to make sure treatments were being developed so more friends wouldn’t have to be buried. To ensure that politicians would acknowledge what was happening in their communities. To get condoms distributed and information in hands.

When I was a scared kid, afraid to tell my best friends I was positive, the gay community was fighting on the streets. On my behalf.

So as long as I’m living this full life, I will do everything to stand up and fight for this issue. I strongly believe that History will look back on this for what it is, another sorry example of discrimination. I also think it is important that we all say something about this, and reveal the push to ban gay marriage for what it truly is- an act of ignorance, cruelty and hate.

Positively Yours,