How does the joke go? When God gives you AIDS, take lemon shots?

Well, God may not have given me AIDS, but he sure saddled me down with whatever gunk is going around. The coughing, the just feeling blah. In an effort to turn the tide today, I did three lemon shots.

What sucks about the timing is that I’ve had trouble writing this week. After a couple of days of trying, I found that my body needed to just chill out, and my mind was starting to turn on me a bit. So, instead of screwing up things, I figured I’d kick back and give myself the best chance of getting better.

What’s good about the timing is that Gwenn and I aren’t traveling for another week and a half. So I can veg out, even if I miss my Twilight deadline... All I can say now is Thank God for TiVo. I’ve been watching some ER from April- seriously backlogued there- and my new favorite show of all-time, Scare Tactics. If you haven’t seen this, you have to check out this clip from one of VH1’s myriad of countdown shows...

Aside from lemon shots and practical jokes, I’m ingesting a lot of stories about HIV. Like the guy in Germany who had a bone marrow transplant, which has apparently cured him of HIV. Here’s a story that says it’s too grueling and expensive a procedure to be considered as a “cure all”. The link above claims that bone marrow transplants are a last stage effort that kills 30% of cancer patients who undergo the procedure, but the hope is that there’s a scientific clue, something there to be exploited and pursued further.

For now, I’m pretty sure that lemon shots don’t kill people with colds/gunk. Day two of the tangy treatment begins tomorrow. I hope to report back.

Positively Yours,