“I’m taking a ride with my best friend.” - Depeche Mode

I’m taking a ride, alright.

Gwenn and I are on a road trip, having cleared Doylestown to speak at Delaware Valley College and then driving through snow and mountains (there were tunnels, which made driving through the mountains easier) to get to the Northeast Greek Leadership Association meeting in Pittsburgh, before heading out early to escape an incoming ice/snow storm.

Often I am asked, “What’s your prognosis? Are you afraid of dying?” I wish I could explain that, in terms of my near future, I’m much more likely to meet my end travelling to speak about AIDS than dying from AIDS itself.

At NGLA, fellow speaker and ass-kicker Erin Weed (check out her page, it’s incredible) said, “Hey, that’s so cool that you were in USA Today on Monday?” “Huh?” Apparently there was an ad for tomorrow night’s Books For A Better Life awards, where I am one of five nominees for Best First Book. I have a one minute speech prepared, just in case I pull off the upset.

Win, lose, or draw, the forecast for the drive home from Jersey is snow on Tuesday. I will do my best to not go ice-skating with the Reaper.

Positively Yours,
Shawn UPDATE: Little Miss Sunshine did not win the Oscar for Best Picture, and Shawn Decker did not win the First Book Award. Al Gore, however, did win for an Inconvenient Truth. Go, Al!