I received a message on Facebook from Maria at Matrix Health, a pharmacy that specializes in providing care for people with bleeding disorders, much like my good friends at American Homecare Federation, who have gotten me out more than a couple of jams. (Thanks, AHF!)  Matrix is looking for “action photos” of people of all ages with bleeding disorders for a 2013 Calendar.  The goal?  To show that people with bleeding disorders can lead physically active lifestyles. 

So, if you are living with a bleeding disorder, or know someone who is, and are interested click the hotlink above to email Maria and she can give you more information... now... what photo will I submit?  Wrestling a bear that wandered from the mountains into town’s center would be bragging, so that one is out... just missing out on the Bronze medal in the long jump at the Olympics this summer brings up too many painful memories (physical and emotional)...

Think I’ll go with some of the fun I had with Synthetic Division, either playing a live show or doing the music video.  If Barry Haarde submits a photo of himself riding cross-country on his bike then I may look a little bit weak sauce.  At the least I can hope there are few months separating his photo from mine.

Maybe I will submit the bear wrestling photo after all.

Positively Yours,