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A Long-Term Survivor’s Hope: End the HIV Epidemic

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I would simply add that the one thing not mentioned that we critically need is for the cost of AIDS meds to drop considerably in the United States so that we are on parity with the rest of the world. This is particularly true of Truvada. Big pharma is not treating patients in the United States fairly when it comes to drug pricing and I encourage more patients to push back on pricing.

June 9, 2020

Michael Carver

The more we hide that we have AIDS, it sends the message that it's something to be ashamed of. There should be no shame in having AIDS, or being HIV/positive, or having Covid-19! Let's end stigma, starting with HIV-organizations & the HIV+ community! #CommitToTheCURE #endAIDSstigma

June 8, 2020


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