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Why I Love #Charlottesville and Hate Hate

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Living in the city where one the worst race riots in history happened,nobody blames Charlottesville,its the climate of hate the current administration created,thank god for counter protesters,transgender,lationos,Arab,Jews,me being back and gay i can see what's coming next,ban trans people from military,if he gets Supreme Court gay marriage is next and civil rights,the time for being nice and liberal is over,let's get out and vote in 2018,get majority in congress and senate backs,thank you.

August 31, 2017 Tulsa


Thank you Shawn for providing us 'outsiders' a perspective from one who lives and loves their city. Those of us who also share your (and Gwenn's) values of detesting (sorry for plagiarizing) hate and white supremacy are with you. Those of us who showed up to the spontaneous responses around the country disavowing hate and uplifting inclusion (I'm in the Southwest, where I feel like a very blue dot in a very, very red state) are with #Charlottesville.

August 15, 2017


Absolutely one sided. Even the far right have the right to march and protest and the fact that the libs tried them from expressing that right now suddenly is the far right's fault??? Silly. Blame the mayor who allowed the groups to come in contact.....that is the real crime here and seems to me planned and orchestrated and he should be prosecuted. Trump acted like a president should.

August 15, 2017


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