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rosendo lozano

I love it..

October 15, 2013

gregg rounding

I thought I'd be anonymous, but that be giving into the problem. I've been poz sense mid 80's and over come many obstacles 1st drugs cocktails, lost many of friends to aids. Over coming that gilt I became very a positive person about life felt god speared me for a reason .I continued to better my health and taking better care of myself the best ever, early on the sigma was much greater with Hiv,threw down times personal and day to day struggles I slowly lost that positive attitude time and time again . Not having the support I feel I'm falling into a dark hole that I can no longer pull myself out of. I get your article and believe in it.Question ?what other material info. are out there?I want to gain my inter strenth back I no longer want to feel this pain and want to be that person I use to be and get back to the life of liking myself again and letting love and others in . I'm a good person and want others to see this again. gregg

October 13, 2013


This is a awesum example of feeding our mind with positive energy and focus that I know when down even though I know better is easy to lose ourselves in depressing time. Inspiring and moving, so simple but AWESUM!

September 16, 2013


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