I just slept 11 hours. Partly because I had to wake up extra early yesterday for some St. Patrick’s Day jury duty. The case, unsurprisingly, involved alcohol. Of the 17 potential jurors, an unlucky 13 were called to the front, then 7 were selected from that pool...

I was one of the fortunate four.

A lot of people complain about jury duty, but it’s been a cakewalk.  Most days they aren’t even hearing cases- you just call in the night before and that’s that.  But if they are “hearing arguments”, you wake up, dress accordingly and go into the courthouse.  And no matter whether you are randomly chosen, striked (lawyers can have jurors removed for conflict of interest of whatever reason they deem inopportune to their client) or just lucky with numbers like I was, the moment you step into the courthouse you’ve earned $30 for your civil service.
Twice I’ve been to the courthouse.  I’ve earned $30 an hour.  Not a bad pull- and the way I see it that’s 12 days of iced mochas, including tip!

Once I left the courthouse, I had breakfast at a local Irish restaurant before heading home to get some rest.  Then I woke up, and celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with an iced mocha, dressed in black but surrounded by green in the park... civil duty never tasted so good!

Positively Yours,

Saturday marks the 300th episode of Decker’s Daily, and I am looking for a sponsor despite the windfall from my “court appearance”.  Look for a special Decker’s Daily appearance on the blog to commemorate the occasion- and be a part of history!  L

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