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Mail Order Meds Suck

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I hate Curascript! I hate all mail order medication services. We are trapped in a system which is run by demagogues.

May 7, 2013


I purchased them from an online pharmacy once, they came through and everything was fine. When I went to re order the website no longer existed and they were calling my phone every few days off a private number to see if I wanted to order more!

April 3, 2013


I learn something in my years of,advocates/lobbyist pushing new public policy and the machines that are build in the name of the people and how they can change to spin almost any thing. Many have been working for some kind of Universal access for years concerning health and treatment, for this guy knows the care is only for the rich in most environments. I not for Insurance companies to bully any one with mail order, however did any one think they were going to sit idle to lose millions in profits as the negotiation begin for the masses. AHF is famous for bringing in their lawyer on many fronts, however I might warn AHF in their greedy ways and lack of care for the client, although they spin it like they are the AID's God, the clients get stumped on if they ask the wrong questions. I might also state that AHF is breaking HIPPA Laws by the word AIDS in their name, for what if a neighbor see someone go into their branded clinic or Branded New Pharmacies. I would like to thank the folks that are coming forward to hold the insurance companies to the mat and joining in to mold policy for all in the USA, even if it is self motivated for them and their health and treatment needs.

February 21, 2013


This is a funnest movement I have ever read, for not one argument is logical about having the right to choice a pharmacy when one is using a secondary broker call an insurance company or Medicare funders. One has the right to choose when one is paying for it out of pocket. It is very funny who the player are in this movement. Like AHF who has it own pharmacy and a personal interest to bring their consumers back into their pharmacies. Mom and Pop pharmacies and who in these writing above have an interest or moneys invested from the New York specialty pharmacy. Yes interesting indeed. I think it is another bulling tactic from the all might AHF and their spin machine, for not months ago a news reel ran her in California where AHF had an African American Woman start this advocacy Champaign to announce this great miss carriage of justice and again the bullet points had no merit at all in my opinion. Then the New York people came into the picture home of the specialty chain called Mom and Pop. For I wonder how many folks in the above writing work for AHF or have investment dollars in the recently sold MOM and Pops pharmacy. Smile Luis R. This is not about consumer rights it is about money and for the money to come back to AIDS Inc in my opinion. Where is the transparency?

February 20, 2013


The good news that AHF won something for I think it is very interesting that AHF has it's own pharmacies and at one time giving clients 20 dollars in Florida as an incentive to switch to their pharmacies.. I do not think this is about a right for people in California in this movement to choose one's Pharmacy, for I think in this case it is about AIDS Inc again to bully policy for their own personal empire of money. Yes, AHF may have set up a spin machine with a few bullet points that have no merit at all in this argument of one having a right to choose a Pharmacy. It is in my opinion about AHF and others using consumer to think this is a injustice and to bring monies back to their own investments dollars with the player being AHF and Mr. Kramer. I think their is a need to expand these congratulations to open up a full federal investigation into AHF and their self interest or need to recoup their loses and bring the consumer back into their Pharmacies. Yes lets open up the conversation and have transparency for it is a little two early for congratulations in my opinion. Smile Luis R for do you work for AHF or a Mom and Pop friends/ investors.

February 20, 2013

Luis R

Well, good news to all of you living in the state on CA who were getting mail order thru companies associated with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Yesterday after so much pressure from the Aids Healthcare Foundation and other sources, Blue Cross decided to let it's members use a pharmacy of their choice an not be tide up to their mail order system. I'm sure down the line other companies will follow suit. Congratulations to AHF and all those other folks who made this possible. Now let's get it happening all over the other states.

February 20, 2013

Frederck Wright

This HIV person is all for mail order drugs if it reduces cost and allow for more people to include HIV people, AIDS people or ALL people to have the same opportunity as Official Award Winning AIDS people that are on disability with Medicare, yes Medicare for All with Mail order drugs. The stopping of mail order folks are drawing a line in the sand for this HIV person to call for the same entitlements for AIDS folks of life long Healthcare to include all people in the USA, including HIV people. Having no Healthcare as a HIV person SUCKS, so with all due respect AIDS people I will not write a letter to congress for your cause to stop mail order RXs, but will ask you folks to write a letter to congress and state assemblies for Medical Care for all People in the USA.

February 20, 2013


I use Express Scripts and I get a 90 day supply of Atripla for $80.00. I enrolled in the Atripla Assistance progam offered by the drug maker and they reimburse me the $80.00. I find Express Scripts to be a well run organization. I stay on top of them and monitor my supply so that I have no gaps in my treatment. My personal physician will contact express scripts to renew the perscription every three months and I never have a gap in receiving my meds. I am fortunate and my heart goes out to all those who have difficulty paying for and obtaining their meds. Shouldn't be that way but sometimes you just have to fight......

February 19, 2013


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