In the September 2013 issue of POZ, we spotlight the disconcerting trend of health insurance companies mandating the use of mail-order pharmacies for HIV meds.

Larry Kramer raised awareness by penning a POZ op-ed about his bad experiences with mail-order meds, which I followed up in a blog post about my own bad encounter.

Those two stories garnered such an outpouring of comments from readers that we wanted to explore the topic in-depth, which we’ve done. Click here to read our feature story.

With lawsuits still in the air, the issue is far from over. Case in point: I recently had yet another bad experience with my mail-order meds.

Because they didn’t process my order correctly, it was canceled and they didn’t tell me. I wouldn’t have known unless I called to find out why my order was so delayed.

So, I encourage all of you who are experiencing mail-order troubles to read our feature story and share it to continue raising awareness.