I recently received an email about a great new campaign called “Make It Grow”. It’s not Extenze or any other kind of penis enlargement pill.  It’s way more important than that, because Make It Grow focuses on the desperate need for everyone to get involved in the funding issues (and lack thereof) that threaten all of the hard work that’s been put into HIV prevention and care in the United States.

If you have a Twitter account, be sure to pop in on Friday, September 23 when Regan Hofmann (@reganhofmann) moderates a TweetChat (#EndAIDS will be the official hashtag used for those wanting to follow the discussion, which starts at 2 pm EST).  With poverty being one of the main issues that people with HIV face, it’s no wonder that they are most at risk to feel the brunt of the current economical situation.

Just last Monday, I saw firsthand how community involvement can help people living with HIV, when a benefit dinner raised thousands of dollars to support a camp that brings families together who are affected by HIV and also helped raise money for gas cards that get folks to the HIV Clinic.  So here’s to hoping that AIDS United’s Make It Grow campaign will do just that- grow, and continue to help those who are in the most desperate need for life-saving services.

Positively Yours,