I haven’t written about politics in a bit, but I had lunch with my parents this weekend and the topic came up.


See, I like Obama. And my parents were/are big “HillCats”, as Mom says. Or “HillRaisers”, as she screams. They love ’em some Clintons, and I can respect that. What kind of stinks is that they really are having a hard time warming up to Obama, even though they are lifelong Democrats.

And really, they aren’t alone. To many people, the “It takes a Clinton to clean up after a Bush” slogan really struck a chord. My problem with it is that I really didn’t want to hear, “It takes a Bush to clean up after a Clinton” in eight years. And also believe that, in America, there’s gotta more than two families capable of running the entire friggin’ world.

Now, I’m not adding the Deckers to that mix. We can barely run a family reunion.

I missed the Obama/McCain chat with Rick Warren, who promised that he would ask both candidates the same questions. Obama lost a coin toss that wasn’t televised or recorded, so he had to go first. Can you imagine a football game where the viewer didn’t see the coin toss?

Anyway, McCain was supposed to be in a “Cone of Silence”, as not to get an unfair advantage. Obama’s camp agreed, unaware of the fact that the “Cone of Silence” would be McCain’s motorcade. I guess he was running late.


Not Rick Warren’s “Cone of Silence”

Naturally, when McCain knocked every question out of the ballpark, eyebrows were raised. Now I’m not suggesting a politician would cheat. I just think that you’d want to avoid that kind of speculation and arrive at such an important event on time.

And who knows what they were watching on the ride over? My guess is that McCain’s camp was glued to Olympic badminton just like the rest of us. Either way, if McCain does pull out this election by convincing folks like my parents to vote for him, let’s hope he doesn’t belatedly take Rick Warren up on that Cone of Silence offer when it comes to the topic of HIV/AIDS in America.

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