In a shocking development, John McCain chose Tina Fey as his running mate. Hey, it could have been worse- he could have chosen Dennis Miller.

Actually, that’s Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska... see, I called it! I mentioned Alaska in my last blog. But even I can’t steal McCain’s thunder on this one. Is the maverick back, or did he just concede one of his biggest arguments- the one on experience?

A lot of attention has been paid to the youthful Palin and the thought of her assuming the White House should the worst case scenario occur. McCain is the oldest guy to run for the office, but I’m not worried about his mortality. That’s because I’m convinced that Cheney has died at least five times while serving as Vice President, revived back to life each time by a contraption that probably looks like this...

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“Vital signs are up... Cheney is going to be alright.”