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Medic Alert Part 2

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Dooly Brady

Great writing -- I rode on every word. When you got to sleep apnea I realized we were mirroring each other. Would you believe mine was discovered by an old school Nurse who had been given responsibility to sit at the end of my bed and watch over me while she read a book. See, I had just had double hip replacements and as I was up walking around I developed searing pains in my chest. Shortly after my surgeon attempted to walk past my door, but he saw me calling him. Once I told him I was back in the bed, cardio tests were fine, in bed Xray showed spots on my lungs. After an epic trip to the Xray Dept it showed 4 big clots. So sister was at the end of my bed in case I started to shuffle off to Buffalo. Well, she was great. We found out my breathing would stop for over a minute. She let it go and said to me, "You're the longest I've seen; at nearly 2 minutes I dug my nail into your big toe, and it got you back to the land of the living" ... I too use a CPAP machine that I gratefully received from our Health System for free. Yes, I do use it mostly, and I notice when I do use it, I feel so bright and alert the next day. Used repeatedly I feel well on top of my game. The reason I cease using it at times is I suffer from recurring infected sinuses. I look like I will be getting surgery to enhance my passages. I am doing it because I want my sleep every night. You are so right with the symptoms of memory jaded and all other symptoms. I do recommend anyone who snores get booked into a sleep clinic, and don't feel bad if you're joining us with our CPAP machines... Oh.. I had to get one that you fill a tank with water, my nose and sinus' would dry out without the moist air... I hope this is some use to anyone who feels tired and forgetful, and you do gain weight too. Just get checked. You can see how close we both were to the final act. But no longer. Cheers All.

November 4, 2015


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