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Medicine. Monopoly. Malice. 'Fire in the Blood' -- A New Documentary.

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George M. Carter

First, the HIV pandemic is NOT over in the United States. When people have crappy care, no access, no ADAP, inconsistent access, racism, sexism and transphobia and homophobia to deal with, increasing co-pays--the disaster is STILL HERE. Not to mention, Gilead's John C. Martin blocking access to the simplest, least toxic and most effective CURE for hepatitis C combining sofosbuvir and daclatasvir (because that's BMS and they can't corner the market??? -- assuring MOST people with Hep C on the planet won't see that combo for decades). It's just not as horrible as what I call the ECONOMIC GENOCIDE in Africa and Asia. I wrote a paper detailing how what pharma is doing IS indeed genocide, if not falling neatly under the pertinent Geneva convention definition, as it involves intent. And to this day--they press a "free" trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership that would essentially end even generic access. Thus, Intent is established. If you want a copy of the paper, let me know.

September 8, 2013


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