I love music videos. The only time I see them is when TiVo picks up 120 Minutes on VH1 Classic, which I highly recommend watching if you haven’t seen it. They show the best. I know, I know, you can YouTube videos anytime... but 120 Minutes really sorts out the quality stuff, and there’s always a Depeche Mode video on the 2 hour program.

A video you won’t see on VH1 Classic is one that I came across when a friend of mine, Mike Johnson of the band Ego Likeness, shared it on Facebook.  It’s a video for the band Joy Division, created using Playmobil toys and stop-motion. The creator, Dirk Roth, basically took a live TV performance and recreated it, making something even better than the original.

Compare the two... the real band:

Now check out Dirk’s version...

Pretty awesome, huh? What’s equally awesome is that Dirk agreed to make a music video for Synthetic Division last month... and it debuts soon! More information in a couple of days- stay tuned.

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