stethoscope.jpgYesterday I met my new doctor for the first time. Not unlike with other first meetings, I was nervous and hopeful. Would he like me? Would I like him? What would he say when I told him my entire medical history, warts and all?

Being an older straight married guy, I was unsure how he would deal with me as a gay man. Being an infectious diseases doctor with a specialization in HIV, I was silly to think that he would be anything other than experienced in dealing with gay men. He was unfazed by my stories and I was completely comfortable in sharing them.

After stripping to my underwear and socks for a physical exam (auscultation, palpation, etc.), I was pleased to hear his pronouncement that I was in good shape (the voices inside my head saying I should drop 10 pounds be damned!). My bloodwork will either confirm or deny his assertion, but for now I’ll gladly accept it.

New relationships are always exciting. I look forward to seeing how this one develops.