Gil KerlikowskeFollowing up the good news I reported two years ago that meth use had declined among gay men in some U.S. cities, our National Drug Control Policy director recently announced some more good news. Gil Kerlikowske (our “Drug Czar”) testified before the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission on May 9th, and said that meth use in this country had fallen by fifty percent in the last five years. In addition, cocaine use had dropped forty percent during the same period.

Anecdotally, I keep hearing that meth use remains pretty entrenched in some communities, including some sadly persistent use among subsets of gay men. But when it comes to meth, I’ll take good news when I can get it (especially given how many friends I know with wrecked lives from this drug).

So how bad is meth use in your community? Better? Worse? Feel free to post your feedback here.