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Meth Use By Gay Men Remains Stable After 2014 Uptick

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Hawaii Nei

We're wired differently. Being authentic in our youth. A risk for many. Making sense of sexuality, finding sex we WANT, aren't easy. It's damaging effects. The health component. The disconnect,negative behaviors most succumb to. It's powerful and it brings out the worst in most people in time. In situations where I feel I have a moral responsibility, I do what is best for someone who can't.That's questioned. Community is where I came from. Online, can't find that quality people. I'm lucky.

June 25, 2019 Honolulu Hawaii


As the child of an alcoholic, I still can't understand these cravings. I do have sympathy for sufferers who've been tangled (or strangled) by addiction, but I need peace and stability in my life, which is why I keep to myself these days. How about studying why most gay men have so many damaging, cumulative issues: Drug addiction, sex addiction, alcoholism, obesity, and various mental issues. Blaming generational oppression can only take us so far.

June 19, 2019 OKC

Mark S King

Thank you, Peter. Meth is such an enormous co-factor for HIV infection and in disease progression. Thank you for keeping a light on it.

June 19, 2019 Baltimore MD


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