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About My 'Meth Weekend' in Palm Springs...

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We don't need to hear about you being in a sling .What are you writing porn.

March 29, 2017


Yes, thank you for your honesty and hope that more recover for many is in the future. Clearly life changes, and the Good News is people can change too, and groups of leaders within ASPO can turn around too I have learned. Smile, you are the Apple of God's Eyes, and Hope, Faith and Love change many in my Faith journey. I believe.

March 1, 2016 Jacksonville


Thank you for your honesty.

February 24, 2016 Philadelphia, PA


Thank you for baring your soul with that piece.

February 19, 2016 Nashville


I think it is wonderful that finally DAP is taking leadership in addressing Meth in their own back yard. This organization has been under fire from many in the community and within its leadership in the past for being one of the hot party crowds of the meth problems and for most unethical behavior in their research to sell data and blood to the highest bidder of academia and PHARMA and for within their past clinic unkindness at times to many HIV people. It is good to hear that things are changing and the old party group is growing up in ethical behavior and action. At least, I hope it is more than just words and bullet points for more glimmer of HIV in desert and money for the elite of the HIV worldly professionals. Thank you for the change of direction and speaking truth to power as a new man of honor and deep integrity. Keep pushing forward in your journey with truth and action.

February 15, 2016

Lawrence Adams

We are experiencing the same issues with Meth use and HIV here in the city of Philadelphia. As an HIV positive person, I have struggled with drug addiction. Moreover, not until recently I have struggled with the use of Meth.

February 14, 2016

Kelly Johnson

I enjoyed reading this because it puts things more into perspective about Mr. Pintauro with his stance against this awful drug that has wrecked the lives of so many in the Gay community and in the HIV community. I can totally relate. I was an addict and found less Stigma, less question asked about others HIV status if you had the supplies and the places to PNP, 7 yrs of it... I lost my friends, my job, my car then my house. I Stopped taking my Meds the last 2 years which deteriorated my health ( acute double pneumonia ) and put me in a 9 day coma, 4 day intensive care,19 days hospital care, 5 months rehabilitation to learn to stand, eat, shower and walk again. I am blessed because I did still have some friends with their support and the support of my small family. I now advocate against meth and other drugs. A Peer Educator on HIV, a Member of the S.C. HIV Task Force and HPC Planning Council in the past year. I think there is still so much more work to be done, and I agree that until we battle the drugs and help the addicts in our community--Education, Support Groups, Stopping the Stigma but mostly ending the Shaming--are we ever going to gain the strength to find a better place. Love and Peace to all in this fight. Thank You!!!

February 13, 2016

Peter Staley

Thanks for the shout-out, Danny!

February 13, 2016


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