You may remember last year’s controversial decision by Pennsylvania’s private school, Milton Hershey, in regard to their outright single-focused rejection of a student based on his HIV status. In June, a judge agreed to hear the student’s case, which surely expedited the situation. The president of the school announced today that the school is undergoing training on HIV-related issues and will be changing their policy moving forward.  The student has been offered admission into the school as well. (Source: NY Times)

In the world of HIV, you have to take the good news when you can get it, even if the good news is getting back on even ground after being shoved down. Let’s hope the school can regain it’s vision as a place for students who need a little extra help. Here’s a snippet from the Milton Hershey School web site:

"At Milton Hershey School, we believe that all students can be successful.

We know that in order to be happy, safe, and productive, students need guidance and support in all parts of their lives.

The excellent education at Milton Hershey School starts with dedicated teachers who care about each student’s learning experience. Classes are small - an average of 15 students for each teacher, so each student gets individual attention and support.

Students live in large, comfortable homes with 10 to 14 students in their own age group. A pair of married houseparents oversee each home, providing the structure that children need and taking an active interest in their development.

We are dedicated to helping our students lead productive and fulfilling lives."