A chapter in my book is dedicated to pageants and, in particular, Gwenn’s quest to become Miss Virginia in 1999. Back then I was stunned by the world in which I’d been thrust. Not since my diagnosis of HIV twelve years prior had I entered such a strange and fascinating new realm.

These days I fancy myself an expert of sorts. For the last two years, I’ve predicted the final two girls at Miss Virginia. Word has gotten around with the locals that Shawn Decker knows his shit. But now, it’s the big leagues... Miss America. This blog could catapult my reputation, or tarnish my crown beyond repair.

But here it is, based upon what I’ve seen and heard. I’ll update this blog later with actual results. If your state has been slighted, feel free to give me hell.

Miss Virginia Adrianna Sgarlata
Miss Texas
Miss New York
Miss Michigan
Miss Connecticut (leopard-print swimsuit. Enough said!)
Miss Pennsylvania
Miss Tennessee
Miss Georgia (I stole her from Chip Brown)
Miss Alabama
Miss Mississippi

Wild Cards: Talent winners Hawaii and California aren’t on my list. And Miss Arizona could squeek in...

Oh, and if you can’t stand pageants then you’ll just have to wait for my next blog entry. It’s a funny drunken Vegas story. Was bound to happen out here, right?
Positively Sashed,