Former bareback porn star Brent Corrigan has completed two more safer sex public service announcements for the Washington, DC-based group Fuk !t, which promotes safer sex for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections.

As with the first video, these two new ones are also NSFW (not suitable for work--they are most definitely sexually explicit). Click here for more on his first safer sex video.

“Brent Corrigan Explains It All: Condoms and STDs” is the second video. It depicts him in a doctor’s uniform describing in explicit language (and visuals) how sexually transmitted infections are passed on and prevented.

“Brent Corrigan’s Oral Exam” is the third video. Playing off the style of 1950s instructional black-and-white videos, it shows Corrigan in a locker room being quizzed by his coach on how to use a condom. Of course, explicit language (and visuals) are aplenty.

As I said in my previous post about his first safer sex video, I am all for any HIV prevention messaging that will resonate with gay men, especially young gay men. I have no doubt that many young gay men will pay attention to these videos.