Gwenn is seriously stressing the Sex and the City movie. It’s a series she absolutely loved; in particular the character of “Big”, her favorite.

mrbig.jpgNow, the rumors are floating around that Big dies. So, her concerns about the movie being a letdown have gone from the realm of “crappy movie” to “they are killing off my favorite character”.

I told Gwenn this could be her Ric Flair Interview moment. Only in that situation my high expectations were squashed. Maybe her low expectations will not prepare her for the awesomeness of the Hollywood magic that awaits?


I didn’t go see the Cure last night, and forgot to ask my doctor on Thursday whether he thought that concert would help my immune system.

indianajones.jpgAfter the appointment, a very nice older Indian man drew my blood, though, and he was pretty serious about reading the labels. “Think they are getting enough?” He asked, gathering the seven tubes that would soon be filled with my blood. “I think so,” I said.

He laughed- he was joking.

“I just hope I can drive home after you take all that,” I came back.

“I’m cutting you off,” he said.

One thing that kept me alive before HIV meds was cereal. And, while walking down the aisle the other night, I took this picture; what, is the next Indiana Jones movie about his daring escape from a giant cereal box? What is Kellog’s trying to tell us?

Whatever, as long as they don’t put big in a box at the end of the month, all in my household will be fine.

Positively Yours,


orphanage2.jpgThe AIDS Walk NY is in one week, next Sunday, May 18. Click on the spooky boy to donate or he’ll kill Mr. Big in the Sex and the City movie. Gwenn and I are so close to our goal of $2500... we’re now at $1954.88! We at least have to make it to the current year, 2008.

In the NYC-area? Gwenn and I are hosting the 3rd Annual Team Supernack Fundraiser on Friday, May 16. John Oliver of the Daily Show will be there, you should be too! CLICK for TICKET info and LOCATION!