Last weekend, Gwenn and I went to DC to see the Gay Men’s Chorus perform a tribute to the 80’s. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say how awesome it was, particularly the opening number, “Mr. Roboto”.

There’s something inspiring about seeing roughly 70 gay men sing, in unison, “Secret secret, I’ve got a secret!” Especially knowing that, thankfully, if any of them do have a secret it’s not in regard to their sexual orientation.

Near the end, there was a touching tribute to key moments in the HIV/AIDS crisis. What kind of 80’s show is it without AIDS?

“I’ve got a secret, I’ve been hiding, under my skin.” - STYX

Right now Mr. Roboto is kicking the shit out of the Decker-Barringer household: Monday, we lost our new Mac: it was two-months old. Before we could even register the loss, Wednesday brought more turmoil when I attempted to heat up a sandwich and the microwave flatlined, too. Now, it is nothing more than a glorified timer for the oven which is, as of this hour, still in working order.(And cooking a pizza as I write.)

But far worse than that, Gwenn has been befallen by one of the cold/coughs going around. A friend had it, and damaged a vocal chord coughing. It’s a funny balance being a positoid and wanting to take care of a negatoid partner. There’s that, “Need anything? Anything I can put on a ten-foot pole or slide to you with a rake?”

Without the aide of a rake, I’ve avoided all these things that are going around. Although I did get a tickle in my throat earlier tonight, just after I ran through the Synthetic Division with Marshall, the keyboard player/badass. I’m hoping any would-be ailments stay away until after the show in Richmond on Saturday, the first one of the Synthetic Division National Tour.

Luckily, I have a month to rest up before the 2nd and final show of the tour, which is in L.A. next month.

OK, it’s time to get the pizza out of Mr. Oven. Domo arigato, Mr. Oven.

Positively Yours,



Live in or around Richmond? Come out and see my band on Saturday night at Alley Katz. Click to hear all the bands that are playing... In L.A.? Then don’t forget about the show Saturday, April 19 at the Galaxy on Melrose.