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We Must Address the Rising Rates of Sexually Transmitted Infections

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Michael Buitron

My sense is that the world is a complex place that defies single causes to problems along with single solutions, so I'm wary when see one answer to the rising STD rates. I won't go into the ways an STD can be transmitted in the absence of an erect penis, which is a basic requirement for condom use. What I do know is that fear-based campaigns have been proven time and again to be ineffective at reducing risk. They do however,increase stigma.

October 30, 2018 Long Beach, CA


I’m sorry to hear about your niece and friend who are battling HPV-related cancers. You do realize that (a) condoms don’t necessarily prevent the transmission of HPV and (b) people in long-term relationships (e.g. your niece) don’t use condoms for vaginal intercourse and (c) nobody uses condoms for oral sex (like your friend with throat cancer). Life comes with risks and illness and death. If you want to promote condom use to prevent STIs, maybe focus on infections other than HPV?

October 24, 2018


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