So I’m a little winded at the half-way point of my Month of Blog Entries, and that is why I’m handing off to a few other Poz Bloggers today, because there are quite a few entries that I think you should check out.

At the beginning of the year, Poz Editor-in-Chief Regan Hofmann, wrote a great article on how the newly elected Republican house majority can- and will if allowed- hurt the HIV/AIDS community with their attempts to lay the political smackdown on Obama by repealing healthcare measures intended to help those of us looking up from the unique perspective of daily life with serious medical (and financial) concerns.

Also, Poz founder Sean Strub weighed in on the NYC “Death Anus” HIV ads, and why the heavy-handed approach shouldn’t have made it past the planning stages but instead the horrifying ads were run on TV.  The big question is: do scare tactics work?  Do they have a place in HIV prevention?  Another Poz blogger, RIchard Ferri, explains why he thinks they do.  It’s interesting to read both perspectives, because valid points are made on both sides of the issue.

Tomorrow I’m going to post my thoughts on Death Anus.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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