Christmas is over. I did manage to surprise Gwenn with those pajamas after all, because I was lucky enough to get the mail when they they arrived.

We were getting ready to go to my brother Kip’s for some holiday cheer, and Gwenn was putting the final touches on a delicious vegetarian dish, a recipe lovingly provided by her mother. I lovingly stayed out of the way.

As I sat at the kitchen table, I asked. “Gwenn, could you do me a really big favor?”
“Sure,” she said, full of cheer.
“Could you pour me a bowl of Lucky Charms? Thanks so much.”
Now, I knew I risked bodily harm, but my delivery was perfect. Innocent and loving, though understanding that the request was absurd because there she was, knee deep in ricotta cheese. “I just don’t want to get in your way, sweetie,” I added.

“... uh, OK.” She said, more puzzled than anything else.

So opened the cupboard, pulled out the box. Got the milk and bowl, but when she opened the box there was a bag of cereal, it was her pajamas. “Surprise!” I said, giving her a hug and then retrieving the hidden bag of sugary oaty goodness and pouring my own bowl.

But Christmas is over. And the time has come again to bid farewell to an old year, and welcome in the new. Which means that it’s also time for New Year’s Resolutions!

I’d love to hear yours, so feel free to post. Here are mine, in no particular order:

1. Start writing my next book.

2. Retain my Charlottesville FSA Bowling Championship (that’s me, pictured with my beloved title) as well as my CAMPUSPORT Bowling Championship (I destroy other CAMPUSPEAK stars who educate about alcohol abuse, women’s self defense, mental health and how to cope with losing to Shawn Decker on the lanes).

3. Create an electro-pop cult classic CD with Synthetic Division.

4. Cure myself of AIDS.

Now, don’t laugh at the last resolution. I know most people set themselves up for disaster with these things, but I’m emboldened as I enter my 20th year diagnosed as a positoid, and I’ve got a few ideas. For instance, right after my book came out I was approached by someone who sells seaweed as a natural remedy. Helps AIDS, cancers, whatever ails ya... can you imagine my next book ending with my cure? That would be pretty awesome.

Either way, 2006 one of my best years ever. All I can ask for is continued health, happiness and love. I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful ’07 ahead of them.
Positively Yours,