Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

It’s somewhat of an empty salutation, because Gwenn and I don’t really celebrate the occasion. When we first started dating, we opted to celebrate President’s Day instead, because it falls around the same time and it was much easier to get dinner reservations that way.

Of course, Bush got elected and ruined that holiday for us.

Still, I want to share my Valentines for 2008...
First up, my friends and sexy rockers, Bella Morte. Check them out below in their music video for their song, “On the Edge”:

Next up, Barack Obama... I know, I know. Enough Barack on the blog already. But wait, before you abandon me, you might want to revisit the American flag lapel pin story I wrote. The Comments Are Better Than The Story, btw. How could you not love the guy?

The Swiss. I’ve long been an admirer of their cheese and knives, and now I can add their minds to the list. A few of their experts recently issued a statement on HIV transmission that is controversial, but forward-thinking. Read it here. I won’t be abandoning my condom anytime soon, but it’s nice to hear good news about HIV as it pertains to sex and the positoids.

Of course, Gwenn. My lovely negatoid partner whom I spent Valentine’s Day with in an airport this week, traveling home from UMass Dartmouth, where I met some new valentines, the UMass Dartmouth Peer Health Educators. I love peer health educators, they do the real work on campus, spreading the good info on safe sex. We’re off tonight to speak to more peer health educators at a regional conference for Bacchus & Gamma.

Hope you and your own valentines have a great weekend.

Positively Yours,