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My Name Is Richard, but I’ll Take Dick if You Prefer

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a pretty face always gets the attention. U seem full of energy and of some youth still. Share your story and help someone else come through there's. Good Blogging Richard

April 17, 2018 Silver Spring MD


Thank you guys for all of the love. I am really grateful for the "positive" feedback, especially this early on. this is going to be a cool journey to share with you.

March 16, 2018 New York


Nice job dick... hiv is just another part of our complicated life... what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! I like ur attitude and positive approach... keep it up... I am here for the journey! PEACE

March 15, 2018 Boston baby


Excited to hear you share your story and learn more about you and your accomplishments and goals. Really impressed and admire you for your 31 Days of October transparency. You sound like a brave and confident man with a lot to tell. I’ll be here listening.

March 14, 2018 Philadelphia

Thomas J. Villa

Love your writing and your wit. Look forward to hearing more form you Dick/Richard.

March 9, 2018 Rockville, MD


You sound like a lot of fun and wit. look forward to hearing of your journey - not sure how to follow you though? Richard

March 8, 2018 Sydney, Australia


Great post, looking forward to hearing more. You sound like a very positive person, the world needs more people like you!

March 8, 2018 New Jersey


So proud of what you are doing. Count me in as a follower. We have little time for stigma - it does nothing to assist in healing. Thank you.

March 8, 2018


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