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Navigating Mixed Messages About HIV

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This article speaks volumes to the reality I face daily. Thank you for putting it into words.

September 4, 2018 San Diego


photojack, how would it have been possible for two people to have given you HIV?

June 11, 2018


The analysis is correct. The conclusion is biased and self congratulatory, as is often the case among activists. The disconnects between the culture of the activist community and the rest of the population can be seen in polling regarding undetectability and uptake of PrEP.

June 7, 2018


Superb analysis. I became POZ in 1986, when it was considered a death sentence. I tested negative twice, right after the tests first became available, but had two persons lie about their status & infect me with the virus. Be honest when asked, even though being undetectable is known to make transmission virtually impossible. I went a decade + or - with no medicines & remember seeing page-long lists of obituaries in the weekly gay papers. I took 32 pills a day, now down to one. It's gets better!

June 5, 2018 San Diego


Excellent article! Nicely captures the nuances.

June 4, 2018


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