A few weeks ago I finished my second book, which means that- if it’s ever published- you’ll get to read it sometime in the future. Pretty vague, huh?

Finished, of course, is a relative term. If the publisher picks it up, it will go through editing, which is a process that can take time, but is one that I really don’t mind at all. The feedback is good, and in the end I really want to produce something that connects with the reader. As a writer, I think proof-readers and editors are essential.

vampirecostume.jpgAs of now, the new book hasn’t even gone to the publisher, who will yay or nay the idea. With My Pet Virus, I’d written a good portion of the text before submitting to a publisher, but with fiction (the next book is a vampire story) you have to write the whole thing first, unless you are Stephen King.

For him, a text message to his publisher is probably enough to get the green light: “Got this idea about a haunted boat...” “GREAT! Let’s do it.”

In closing, I have never worked so hard on something in my life. My Pet Virus was written over the course of four years, with lots of breaks which gave clarity to some of the stories within. This time, I wrote and edited for nines months, non-stop. And I’m really happy with how the story turned out.

Of course, all updates about the journey to publication will be chronicled here. Hopefully that story, like My Pet Virus, has a happy ending.

Positively Yours,