My brain hurts from Synthetic Division, but the new web site is up and the CD is available for online orders over there. (Digital track-by-track downloads coming soon!)

There, that’s my hard sell. Oh, and there was this cool piece that ran on a local news station. You can find out what my band, Star Jones and spaceships have in common by checking out the vid below:

This blog is silly, because my brain is mush. Gwenn must read my blog. I know she does. Her Mom asks her about it... hi, Bev! I love you, you’re the best Mom-in-law a guy could ask for. I swear we are coming up for a visit to Cleveland soon! We’ve been talking about it a lot, if not later this month, definitely in September.

Alright, while I’m doing shout outs, you MySpacers need to add a character from My Pet Virus who just signed up. It’s Misfit, he’s the positoid who befriended me online and sent me a copy of the Crippled Masters. He’s a great guy, and he needs MySpace friends badly. See his profile here, and add him here.

See, Harry Potter never hooks you up with his pals. Never.

Speaking of that little wiz, he entered my life today via an unexpected treat. While out, Gwenn made an impulse purchase in the check out aisle: Harry Potter Blood Pops! Why they haven’t utilized thinbloods in an advertising campaign I do not know.

Hope all are well, I’ll be posting video from tomorrow night’s CD release party soon.

Positively Yours,