My new Synthetic Division album, Numb to the Numbers, is now available for pre-order on And no, yesterday’s reveal of a lower than (you guys) expected t-cell count was not a savvy marketing plan to drum up more CD pre-order sales.

I couldn’t be happier with this album, which celebrates 25 years of HIV diagnosis.  Back when I got the news at age 11, I never dreamed I would live to see the day that I am now living in- I have a wonderful partner, good health, am an uncle two times over and a Godfather. Also, around the time I was diagnosed is when I started to get heavily into music. I like to think that, if through some time travel shenanigans in the spirit of Back to the Future, that if a copy of Numb to the Numbers found it’s way into my 11-year old hands that I would have enjoyed it and not believed that some day I’d have a hand in making music myself.

I dedicated this album to Barton, who was always supportive of my artistic adventures and lended visual beauty to two of my previous albums. Big thanks to my partners on this release, Josh D’Elia and Alan Siegler. Wouldn’t have been possible without these guys.

There are 3 songs available for listen on the site, including “Close to Me”, a cover of The Cure’s hit song. Hope you take a moment to check it out and that life is treating you well today.

Positively Yours,