I woke up today, and went to meet my friend for lunch before going to see Indiana Jones.

At the stop sign at the end of my road I paused, figuring out the best way to get to Cici’s Pizza and their sweet, sweet, lunch buffet. I’ve been there many times, but couldn’t figure out which shopping center it was in...

Then I remembered: I started my week on meds last night, and what should have been an intuitive flip of the turn signal took a little more thought than I was prepared for. Since I meet with my doctor on Thursdays (every 3 or 4 months), we decided to switch my stop/start date for my week on/week off HIV drug regimen.

As for Indiana Jones, the Hemo2Homo Connection are working on a review right now, which will be up next week. Because nothing says “summer” like two guys with AIDS reviewing a movie.

OK, I’m off to review my own lyrics for tomorrow night’s Synthetic Division show in Charlottesville. Hope everyone has a great weekend, a belated Happy Memorial Day to all of our troops, and the families and friends that love them.

I can’t blame my meds for being late on that one.

Positively Yours,