Had a big World Hemophilia Day weekend with no bleeds whatsoever.  I tried to get as much out of my friends as possible, with one pausing me to ask, “How many holidays does one guy get?” See, I pull similar stunts around World AIDS Day and my birthday. 

Anyway, I suffered another indignity at dinner with friends when I was making a humble toast.  “Thanks for sharing this meal with me in honor of World Hemophilia Day,” I began.  “Although you do not know my trials, and you live in ignorance of what a privilege it is to have a proper amount of clotting factor...” I wasn’t even rolling yet when I was interrupted with an exasperated, “Yadda... yadda... yadda....” Can you believe that? Well, with all the excitement leading up to World Hemophilia Day last week, I kind of made a social blunder of my own... I missed Gwenn’s one-year anniversary of her blog, A Latte Style.  For a few weeks, I’ve been conspiring to launch a new web series/vlog for Decker’s Daily entitled “Mocha Moments”, so to make peace I figured I better address my oversight with Gwenn for the first published episode.

But before you watch this, be sure to visit Gwenn’s blog, where she eloquently explains why starting a coffee fashion blog has been a good escape from the HIV/AIDS work we do together.  Read her words yet?  Okay, now you can watch my goofy video.  The staple of Mocha Moments with Shawn Decker is going to be the lack of an outro and my awkward style; it’s hard to focus on a guest when there’s a tall glass of iced mocha right in front of ya. My goal is to be the least dynamic host with HIV since Magic Johnson’s Magic Hour back in the late 1990’s.

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