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What the Next Congress Could Mean for People Living With HIV

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Im so happy that the democrats won because now people living with hiv could have protection meds housing

November 13, 2018 NY


It is vitally important to understand the needs and desires of people living with HIV and the process to get funding resources to provide services. Connecting services is necessary to reach the goals of the HIV Strategy Plan. Reggie Dunbar II Poz Military Veterans USA INTL Atlanta GA

November 13, 2018 Atlanta


Quite frankly if the Dems want to delay addressing the real issues concerning HIV by the constant whining about Trump then it's on them. Personally I'm fed up with the antics they are participating in. Delay delay. They've done nothing for this country since Trump won. The constant push back gets nothing. Failure to get along is not a statement. It's hurting the country. Both sides need to grow up. It's disgusting. I'm waiting for some of these poz rags to address and accept everyone.

November 13, 2018 Ohio


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