By Jennifer Morton (Managing Editor, POZ)

“Whether you have children, teach children or are around children at all...this movie is a must-see.” -- Hugh Jackman

Lets Talk About SexOn Wednesday night, April 6, I went to a screening of James Houston’s new documentary Let’s Talk About Sex. And no, Hugh Jackman wasn’t there. But his quote does appear on the film’s website, and it’s exactly how I felt after watching the film.

Let’s Talk About Sex takes a frank look at America’s inability to talk about sex and the impact that has on our teenage population. And it’s rather shocking:

  • Every day 10,000 teens in America contract a sexually transmitted infection (STI)
  • Every day 2,400 American teens become pregnant
  • One in three American girls become pregnant in their teens
Which means despite Bristol Palin, purity rings and other efforts to promote abstinence, it turns out American teens are having sex. And a lot of it.

But without comprehensive sex education, they aren’t getting the information they need to protect themselves.
Let’s Talk About Sex was produced in collaboration with Advocates for Youth--an organization that deals with teen sexuality and promotes efforts to help teens make informed and responsible decisions about their sexual heath.

The film can be used as a resource for parents, teens and educators. Instead of putting teens at risk for HIV/AIDS and other STIs and pregnancy, the film suggests we have open and honest conversations with them to give teens the tools they need to safely navigate sexual relationships.

Houston’s documentary is also a call to action. It advocates for individuals, parents, teens and educators to push for comprehensive sexual education in their communities.

Before the film started, I asked my friend who accompanied me to the screening if she would consider talking to her nieces about sex. She said no because they should only have those conversations with their parents. After the credits rolled, I asked her again and she said, “Absolutely.”

So even though I don’t have or teach kids, and I’m not even really around them that much, I think Houston’s film is indeed a must-see.

Let’s Talk About Sex airs 10 P.M. EST, Saturday, April 9, on The Learning Channel (TLC). The DVD will be available on April 12. For more info, go to