The media likes to take a statement, blow it out of proportion, and repeat it a thousand times. This happened over the weekend when Chuck Norris said that he believes that John McCain is too old to be president.

I’ve written on here a little bit about the Norris-endorsed Huckabee, and his ’92 comment about isolating people with AIDS. Well, I also wrote last year about McCain’s statement from 2007, in which he was “stumped” when asked if condoms help prevent the spread of HIV.

Oh boy.

What the media isn’t going to do is explore Norris’s comment on a different level: by saying he doesn’t think McCain would make it through a four-year term, is he, in effect, threatening to kill President McCain?

You have to take the most dangerous man alive seriously, because everyone knows that Norris would handily plow through any security measures: judo-chopping secret service agents, scaling walls and hanging onto the wing of Air Force One. All in an attempt to get one shot at the Prez.


President McCain delivering a speech in front of an American flag... Chuck waiting behind it.


McCain is leading the Republican pack, but if I were him I’d think about dropping out of the race. Of course, Norris blew any chance of Huckabee getting an invitation to fill the Vice President slot on a McCain presidential ticket, didn’t he?

Positively Yours,

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