For a brief moment, I considered writing more funny AIDS stories for my second literary venture. With My Pet Virus’ sales gasping at this point, I’m glad I opted to focus my creative energy elsewhere.

Don’t get me wrong, the book did well. The response has been incredible, I still get messages from high school students who have done a book report on MPV, people whose families dealt with the hemophilia/HIV one-two punch, and just people who like Depeche Mode, Ric Flair, and a twisted sense of humor.

And I’m still waiting for recognition from the scientific community for my work in My Pet Virus, the chief accomplishment being the discovery of RDS (Restless Dick Syndrome), which affects 100% of men.

But I regress. I’m fang-deep into the vampire book, and am happy that I challenged myself to write fiction, and am hoping to have some news in the near future about details. Hell, if it doesn’t get picked up, look for a really long blog entry called, “Shawn’s Second Book”.

In the meantime, Gwenn pointed out a not-so-funny AIDS book that came up on our google alert. It’s called “How I Became Mr. HIV”. It’s not an inspiring tale about an all-male pageant in which all the money from the event goes to orphans of the AIDS epidemic. It’s about a man who becomes infected and goes on a rampage to infect as many people as possible.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release, linked above if you want more:

“In a world where women and girls are viewed as sex objects by male predators. ”And women are taught tricks of the trade, to entice men by reason of appearance.“ This is a must-read if you are interested in warning or saving your children. Imagine being infected with the HIV virus. The cause of AIDS, but instead of seeking treatment, you sought revenge upon every soul that was not infected. Learn the incredible story of one such person. John Turner lashed out at humanity because of his affliction. This is the person your parents should have warned you about.”

Gee, and I had to find out about this after Christmas? Would have been on the top of my (shit) list.

Anyway, my apologies to the author if this comes up in your Google Alert. You probably worked real hard on this, but, seriously, some of us are trying to present positoids as actual human beings, and not as monsters. If you want to write about monsters, I suggest vampires. They’re pretty hot these days.

Positively Yours,