I got an email from a reporter who is looking for a serodiscordant couple to interview for a national magazine. If you don’t know what a serodiscordant couple is, then you probably aren’t the right person for this story.

Basically, a serodiscordant- or “serodiverse”- couple is one like me and Gwenn, where one partner is HIV positive and the other is HIV negative.  But in terms of this particular story, the reporter has no use for us.  And here’s why.

They are looking for a serodiscordant male/female couple that is currently:
  • trying to conceive naturally because...
  • can’t afford sperm-washing or
  • lives too far away from a clinic willing to perform procedure

If you are going through this, and want to give voice to the experience, contact me and I’ll pass your information along. Just send me an email at: shawn at mypetvirus dot com  The reporter explained in her message to me that she wants to convey the limited options for sero-couples who aren’t wealthy yet still want to start a family.

For anyone wondering why I don’t want to hop on the baby-making train? I’m am entirely unwilling to share my fudgesicles with anyone who isn’t physically strong enough to tear that treat from my cold, eager hand.

Positively Yours,

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