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An ART Start. Some Numbers. Choices.

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On mirtazapine. Fluoxetine. And bupropion. Shall we talk, Jai? Negative till 2014, no idea as to now. In the middle, or tail-end, of a heart-rending relationship. Do write. I do love you, my friend. Avi

January 15, 2016


Jai, Deep in my heart, I'm concealing Things that I'm longing to say Scared to confess what I'm feeling Frightened you'll slip away You must love me You must love me Why are you at my side? How can I be, any use to you now? Give me a chance and I'll let you see how Nothing has changed Deep in my heart, I'm concealing Things that I'm longing to say Scared to confess what I'm feeling Frightened you'll slip away You must love me Avi

January 15, 2016


Nice read. I am a Ugandan, 9yrs without ART, in excellent health but preparing my mind to start meds very soon. Thanks for sharing ur story, Jay.

April 26, 2015

Richard Kennedy

I was also HIV+ for 10 years without progression. Now on meds and fitter and happier than ever. Married and in full time work and my husband is also HIV+ Once you get into the routine of taking your meds, you just forget that you have HIV in many senses (apart from when you swallow) as most of us don't worry if the pills are working well, we have time to concentrate on LIVING looking forward to the meaty bits in your next blog ;) Richard and Jon xx

April 23, 2015

Genie Gratto

All that data in the post is really fascinating -- thanks for being willing to share it publicly! I'm looking forward to the next parts in the series.

April 22, 2015

Randall Lloyd

I noticed that you have an exact date & time of infection, was it intentional? I became poz by a needle stick while working in a 3rd world hospital & it sounds like you hit a mild strain where I was not so lucky as within my firts moth I had a viral load of 1,450,000 & a CD4 of 150 all discovered by getting sick with pneumonia. We know it was within 30day due to monthly testing part of or work contract.(that was 17 yrs ago) I noticed that you are on antidepressants which I suggest you watch as some HIV meds do a number on your regular system (read all the side effects as your bound to have 1 or 10 LOL) The HIV meds will also affect what's going on in the brain and some times you don't recognize it yourself, but others may say things such as "What's the matter with you today" or "why are you so agitated" perhaps may be signs to tweak the antidepressants. Good luck my friend on your new journey.

April 7, 2015


Your post is interesting. I never heard of anyone having HIV for 10 yrs and not progressing. I heard of a gene that people from European roots who sometimes have a good rare gene that makes them not progress. You have been so lucky. I am on Stribild myself. You may have some GI issues. Its a good drug and you will do fine. I just wanted to write that you will be fine going forward and that Stribild is going to do well for you. Good luck to you.

April 7, 2015

Livng Noble

I don't know if I could ever do it (take meds)I have been positive for 24 years, viral load has never been over 300, CD4 never lower than 500 and I have never been on meds (except for 8 months when I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter). So I commend you on your courage and enlighten by your sense of humor.

April 7, 2015


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