I currently do not smoke and never have. NYC Health Department still uses “scare tactics” to prevent people from smoking with ads at local businesses which sell cigarettes and through commercials. Graphic images of peoples’ lungs, throat, brain and even amputated fingers show the affect of smoking on the body. These are facts not predictions, well not everyone has to have their fingers amputated after a life time of smoking. I do not understand the fascination, the addiction or glamor of smoking. I’m also allergic to smoke and therefore I agree with the “scare tactics” of this ad campaign. 

The city’s new HIV prevention ads are a different story. I personally know some individuals who have been HIV positive for over 20 years with no signs of illness. One guy isn’t even on medication. So to say that HIV leads to a diagnosis of AIDS and/or some type of side effect is only a prediction. I believe this ad campaign will create an overwhelming sense of fear and even add more stigma to HIV in NYC but I think I’m just preaching to the choir on this one.