It wasn’t my intention to take a one-month plus vacation from this blog.  So, if you read this you might be wondering what I’ve been up to?

I have been writing even though I haven’t posted much to read. At the beginning of the year I started putting in a lot of hours on the screenplay for my humorous HIV/AIDS memoir, My Pet Virus.  It’s been the most intensive writing sessions since, well, writing My Pet Virus. Oh, and the vampire book I never finished. Setting aside the time and working has been intensive, but the creative process of transferring a story from how it reads to how it will be seen is pretty fascinating. I have a great partner in crime in Mitch Larson, and I have high hopes that someday you’ll see the fruits of our writing labors.

Over the last month or so Gwenn and I have had a couple of speaking engagements. I still love doing it even if I hate the flying. It’s just that my ankle really craps out after being crammed up in those airplane seats. Also, the walks through the airports can be pretty epic. Gwenn is great at getting me to take a ride in an unoccupied wheelchair.  Most airports have an ample amount of them sitting around. Thank you Americans With Disabilities Act and people who understand that not everyone born into the world comes into with perfect health.

I’m also keeping busy with music, finishing up songs for an October Synthetic Division release.  Numb to the Numbers is the name of the album.  As always, my medical resume plays heavy in the songs, and that album title was chosen in part because of the last 25 years of HIV diagnosis, and the constant tracking of numbers (t-cells, viral load, etc). The last year of so is the first time that I can’t tell you off the top of my head what my last t-cell count was. But I can tell you that Bob Geise is the reigning Shawn’s T-Cells Champion and you’ll get a chance to take that title from him next month.

And possibly win a copy of My Pet Virus!

Ok, I won’t be a stranger. I’ll try to keep y’all updated more than once a month.  If I do disappear again please know that I’m happy, healthy and enjoying life.  Hope you’re having a great day and enjoying your life as well.

Positively Yours,