At the present moment, I am in New York visiting Papi. Once again soaking up all the diversity. And also trying to learn my way around. It’s definitely going to take awhile. I have been here going on two weeks already. But I am also excited because in about three weeks I will be a resident of New York.

I really don’t have a whole lot to do. I have a little bit of things left in the apartment.  I got rid of my couches about a month ago. And what I have left is going to the same person, my best friend. I basically have the essentials I need to get by, my bed, tv, deep freezer, microwave and the washer and dryer. I have a stove and fridge, of course but those belong to the landlord. Once I get those things out, I will shampoo the carpets. Walking out, closing the door with a smile on my face. And my head held high.

But to me, it also represents a chapter of my life closing. I am walking away from the negativity and bullshit that I put up with from my family. A change is taking place and a new door opening. A new life with a man that I love who is poz, has a good heart, who accepts me for me, no matter my mood and shows me he loves me.

 Oh, we have had our share of arguements or as I like to call them, heated debates. We’re both hot tempered. When it gets heated, we know to put ourselves in time-out. And let cooler heads prevail. Despite our flaws and defects we love each other. Finally, I can say I am no longer content but truly am happy. Most of all, I am in love.