I referenced a speaking pal, Erin Weed, in my last post about the It Gets Better campaign.  Well, this week on Wear Purple Wednesday, my good speaking buddies, Kelly and Becca, launched an ambitious campaign to provide resources for those affected by sexual assault.

When Kelly was sexually assaulted in college, she turned to her best friend, Becca.  She didn’t have any idea where else to go at the time...  I find it extremely admirable that the friends have educated so many students over the last several years, and have now created a one-stop resource for anyone who may find themselves in need of more information.  It’s called One Student... but you don’t have to be a student to sign the pledge (Gwenn and I have) and get informed about sexual assault. 

So cheers to my buddies for caring and being pro-active about an issue that affects way too many people. 


one-student-kelly-becca.jpg (me, Kelly Addington and Becca Tieder)

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