The Hemo2Homo Connection couldn’t have been more wrong in their predictions. Steve called it for Best Actor with Sean Penn, and the winner even gave the Connection a shout out from stage, saying “Homo” in his acceptance speech. Don’t believe me? Check it out at the :50 mark:

OK, maybe he wasn’t thinking about us in that moment.

If I’d been correct, I would have taken the high road and complimented my movie review partner for his spirited-yet-failed prediction. But Steve? Well, here’s the title of his blog post today: “Homo Wins! Hemo Walks Away in Disgrace.”

Steve also got the Best Supporting Actor award right with his brave choice of Heath Ledger. Who could have seen that one coming? What was strange was that the Academy left Heath off of the “Death Montage”, where they show a pic of everyone the film community has lost in the last year. This year, Queen Latifah sang during this part of the show. Since Heath’s family had already accepted his Best Supporting award, the Academy must have figured that everyone knew.

I really thought Marisa Tomei would win for Best Supporting Actress, but I’d totally forgotten that Penelope Cruz was in the running. And that she’d kissed Scarlett Johansson in that movie she was in. I really let down the straight movie-going public with that oversight and missed prediction. I promise this will not happen again.

Now, it’s off to find a theatre that is still playing Milk, a movie I’ve really wanted to see. Sadly, it left my town way too soon.

By the way, did anyone see Brody last night?


One movie I won’t be missing is the biopic of Snoop Dogg, starring Brody as the rapper. Thanks to my friend Lauren for noticing the resemblance. As for Brody, he can thank my pick for Best Supporting Actor, Robert Downey Jr., for the courage to seek out and fight for the role of Snoop.

Positively Yours,