So now we’re hearing that the public option plan is in serious trouble, and that Rahm Emanuel is telling Congress behind closed doors that they can compromise it away.  What I find so sad about all this is that even the most progressive reforms being discussed in Washington don’t come close to providing the type of hassle-free health-care we need -- a single-payer Canadian/French/British-style system.

I finally watched Michael Moore’s Sicko on cable TV this weekend.  I’ve never been a fan of his head-clubbing style of film-making, but this doc makes a very convincing case about how Americans have been fooled into fearing a French-style health-care system.  Compared to what we have now in the U.S., France offers a health-care nirvana.

Our current debate almost makes me sick with sadness.  Sure, almost any reform passed this year will be an improvement over the current travesty we have now, but it won’t come close to fulfilling the dreams of those who correctly chant “health-care is a right.”