August 14th, 2020
Prevention Access Campaign

Prevention Access Campaign (PAC) and the Undetectable equals Untransmittable (U=U) Campaign are thrilled to announce new members of the team who will expand community outreach and engagement as well as develop and deepen new and existing partnerships.

Effective immediately, Davina (Dee) Conner will begin a new role as U.S. Creative Engagements and Outreach Specialist. Deondre B. Moore will serve as U.S. Partnerships and Community Engagement Manager. Esther Dixon-Williams recently began as Coordinator, Global Affairs. With these exciting additions to the team, PAC aims to deepen our commitment to using the powerful U=U message to improve viral suppression rates, advocate for the health and wellbeing of people with HIV, prevent new HIV transmissions, and decrease stigma.

New research demonstrates that people with HIV who were informed about U=U were more likely to report greater treatment satisfaction, optimal adherence, and viral suppression.  Research also supports that U=U reduces anxiety associated with testing and is an important and effective public health strategy to prevent new transmissions.

“We are thrilled and honored that Dee, Deondre and Esther are joining the PAC team,” remarked Bruce Richman, Founding Executive Director of PAC. “Dee, Deondre and Esther bring decades of collective experience and an understanding of communities that will strengthen our social and racial justice work. They share PAC’s commitment to ensuring U=U is a revolution that includes everyone with HIV. I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with each of these extraordinary activists over the past few years, and couldn’t be happier they are now officially on board!”

Davina (Dee) Conner has been living with HIV since 1997. She began her advocacy work by way of internet radio, using her platform as an outlet to end the stigma that is associated with HIV. She now streams her show live on Facebook, educating others about the LGBTQ community, U=U, the trans community, being a Black woman with HIV, and many other issues the HIV community faces. In the last four years, Dee has become an international speaker, a Board member of the Prevention Access Campaign, and a co-chair of Nevada HIV modernization. She works closely with The Center for HIV Law and Policy on criminalization and is a former a co-chair for PWN-Colorado and the Denver HIV Planning Council. Dee has an Associate Degree in Public Health from American Public University and has worked with various organizations including ViiV Healthcare, the Jansen Advisory Board (Johnson & Johnson), Gilead, FHI360 and is a contributing writer for She speaks strongly about letting others know it is OK to “let people live their life the way they chose to.” Dee’s outreach represents all communities and she engages people with her creativity and savvy personality. Her ability to engage people has helped others learn more about HIV and U=U. She is committed to ensuring that those disproportionately affected by HIV get information needed to get into and remain in care and is thrilled to be joining the PAC team.

Deondre B. Moore is a 25-year old human rights activist who has spent the last six years dedicating his time and resources to educating persons and raising awareness all over the world regarding HIV and Civil Rights issues. Deondre began his work in public health and advocacy after receiving an HIV positive diagnosis in 2014 at the age of 19. Since his diagnosis, he has taken the education he has received and shared it with community members across the nation. Deondre’s years of experience serving on various national Community Advisory Boards, as a Community Mobilizer in Texas, and experience as a Pharmaceutical community engagement consultant has provided him with the necessary skill sets to take on his new role with PAC. Deondre’s lived experience as a Black gay man will strengthen PAC’s meaningful engagement with partners and communities to bring about awareness and resources consistent with PAC’s values. Deondre is also studying Human Resource Management at Sam Houston State University. Deondre intends to engage with various communities and organizations throughout the U.S., with emphasis on Black and Brown communities and other communities of color in order to provide resources, build meaningful partnerships, and to ensure that PAC is expanding and operating at its full potential to continue changing the trajectory and way we look at HIV prevention in the U.S.

Esther Dixon-Williams is based in London, UK and has over two decades experience working across local and national government agencies, predominately commissioning the delivery of public services to diverse communities. Diagnosed with HIV in 2013, Esther is passionate about service design and development in order to ensure services meet the needs of the people they serve. Over the last seven years, Esther has served on numerous steering committees, boards and scientific initiatives across the WHO region of Europe.  She was previously a member of the British HIV Association (BHIVA) guidelines sub-committee and a committee member of several of the BHIVA guideline writing groups on behalf of the UK Community Advisory Board. She has also worked across national, international CABs and advisory boards, alongside community groups, regulators and industry, as well as national and international institutions across a vast range of scientific areas related to HIV. Esther is delighted to be joining PAC and is dedicated to continuing the work of ensuring all communities of people with HIV are informed about U=U and can access treatment, as well as clear and timely information to make informed decisions about their health.

Cameron Kinker, currently Community Engagement Coordinator, will begin a new role with PAC on the U.S. team, serving as U.S. Program and Communications Manager.  Cameron will coordinate PAC programs, including the U=U Ambassador program, and assist Founding Executive Director Bruce Richman with PAC’s communications.  Murray Penner will continue to oversee U.S. activities as U.S. Executive Director, and Bruce Richman will continue to oversee the growing international campaign.

With these exciting changes and additions to our staff, PAC will propel forward in its mission to end the dual epidemics of HIV and HIV-related stigma by empowering people with HIV with accurate and meaningful information about their social, sexual, and reproductive health. PAC’s vision is that all people with HIV will know about and understand U=U and have access to the care and treatment to achieve it. We envision a world where all people with HIV can live and love without the fear of transmitting HIV.

Thank you for your partnership in this global movement that is transforming the lives of people with HIV around the world.  As always, we welcome and appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to share your thoughts with Cameron Kinker.

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